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Looking For Dangerous Lady


The Album

Official Release Date September, 2020
Some sites show 2019 but it was officially released September 17, 2020 at 1:52 pm.  
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Using mostly a full orchestra, percussion instruments and always a great piano, this mid-tempo original instrumental orchestration is sandwiched between classical and popular music to please fans of both types of music. 

In the beginning

The lady was very serious in the beginning and then became dangerous. She then vanished from sight. Being as dangerous as she is we need to find her. To find her I began working very hard composing new original music to lure her back. We hope this works! When the composing is done the next step was to make it come to life and sound outstanding!     

What we did this time   Producing seven albums before this one has taught me a lot. Using mostly a full orchestra, striking instruments, and pianos, we hope to please fans that like both classical and popular music.       

The trilogy   The Looking for Dangerous Lady Album is the third in a series beginning with Serious Lady then Dangerous Lady.       

Help me   Help me look for her by listening to the Looking For Dangerous Lady Album.  

Secondary Genre 

01 Looking For Dangerous Lady 
02 My Little Flower 
03 The Puzzle 
04 Sand Dollars 
05 Peanuts and Popcorn 
06 The Forgotten 
07 Times Before 
08 Beyond Life 
09 Last Day 
10 Believe 
11 Looking 
12 Troubled Heart 
13 Need To Tell You 
14 River Rain 
15 Sleep Walk 
16 The Dream 
17 Softly Spoken   
© 2020 Charles Holcomb 

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