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We compose and produce instrumental music using mostly a full orchestra with percussion instruments, pianos, and all types of world instruments. Go to the store and review the entire album before you purchase. At our store we do not cut the song off after 30 seconds. We want you to be completely happy.

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Release Date: 2017


     Release Date: 2014


Release Date: 2014


Release Date: 2014


Release Date May 9, 2018

Dangerous Lady Album

Using a full orchestra, percussion instruments, pianos, and all types of world instruments this mid-tempo original instrumental orchestration is sandwiched between classical and popular music to please fans of both types of music. Enter your email address to see the video or just press skip to see the video. See the music video

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Coming out in early 2020!

The Looking For Dangerous Lady Album

The lady was very serious in the beginning and then became dangerous. She then vanished from sight. Being as dangerous as she is we need to find her.. 

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