Charles Holcomb

Looking For Dangerous Lady

Released September 9, 2020

In the beginning

The lady was very serious in the beginning and then became dangerous.

Where is she?

She then vanished from sight. Being as dangerous as she is we need to find her.

How To find her

To find her I began working very hard composing new original music to lure her back. We hope this works!


When the composing is done the next step is to make it come to life and sound outstanding!

Getting Experience

When I was young my uncle gave me an old alto saxophone. I played it at home and could only make a few noisy notes until I got into the school band.


After I got better at playing I began playing in bands after school. I then started arranging the band parts that we listened to on records. Back in the 1960’s we listened to popular records to play that music for parties.

What we did this time

Producing seven albums before this one has taught me a lot. Using mostly a full orchestra, with striking instruments, pianos, and all types of world instruments this original instrumental orchestration is sandwiched between classical and popular music to please fans of both types of music.

The trilogy

The Looking for Dangerous Lady Album is the third in a series beginning with Serious Lady then Dangerous Lady.

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The Composer is Charles Holcomb and the Release Date was September 9, 2020 . Please help find her by getting clues at the button below.

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